Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Great Decapitator

Here's a drawing I started over a year ago. I began inking before really considering the composition (a bad habit I've been trying to kick) and, discouraged, set it aside for many months. Finally I came back to it and finished what I started. I learned a lot and I'm happy with parts of it, but not so much the sum of 'em all.

Demon Fan Sixty Nine At Demon Mail Dot Com

Yet another demon head, this time with a naughty angelic passenger. This was another that I initially posted with digital coloring but recently added watercolor to the original.

Donkey watercolor

Here's a donkey I painted for a design project Megan was working on. First image is the original, which turned out looking a bit too 'fantasy'. I photoshopped it a bit and handed it over for megan's project (second image).

My latest watercolor

My latest watercolor also happens to be somewhat of a leaping demon (screamin'/full of semen). An exercise in limiting myself to 3 tubes of color (red, yellow, blue).

Leaping demon

I've posted this before with digital coloring, but I'm not sure if I've posted it since I painted it with watercolors. In any case, here's a demon leaping up with an art nouveau circle pattern that was a bitch to draw.

A few outliers

Here are a few images from last year I believe. The first is a pretty crude triptych of a wizard procession approaching a strange castle, inspired by some Clark Ashton Smith or Lord Dunsany stories i'm sure (ink on cedar panel). The next is a drunken sketch I did in illustrator using my wacom tablet. The third is an illustrator sketch I did over the Pillars of Creation.

Here are a few


Some 'projects' here for ya. First is a logo I did for Peter's band Bloodmoon. Second is a poster I painted for a radical show they had on a mountain in SLO. Since the poster was a composite of two separate paintings (text and mountains), I decided to not let the mountains go to waste and paint a background for 'em (last image).

Some fuck-arounds from the past year.

Clumping these fuck-arounds into one post because they weren't meant to be. Some of them are drunken sketches, fungal ink-blasts or palates that I decided to paint over. Give em a whirl and try not to hate 'em.

Linoleum and rubber block prints

First print is a linoleum block print inspired by Goethe's 'The Sorrows of Young Werther', in particular the theme of a specific location's ability to conjure emotions. The second is a rubber block print of an elf, inspired by elves. I apologize for the underlined text, I simply don't know how to get rid of it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New watercolor

This started out as a test page. I sat down to try out three high quality pigments I had just got and ended up getting sucked in. Beautiful, expensive, tiny tubes of paint.

(click to enlarge)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

The drawings and paintings of crazy uncle P.

Hello Folkpeople.

I've been wanting to make this post for a while but did not have the content needed to make it worth anybody's time. However today I was able to get some pretty decent photos, so lets give this a shot. First an introduction.

My next door neighbor is my schizophrenic uncle Preston, who also happens to be manic depressive and a big fan of meth to boot. He has lived near me for most of my life, though I moved away for about 7 years and just recently returned. Anyhow, he loves his meth, yes sir he does. He's referred to it as "the sacred crystal" in conversation, though lately (due to a run-in with the law and the resulting jail time) he has been off the stuff and assured me that it "can be enjoyed only by Philistines". He goes through periods of absolute bat-shit insanity, in which he can be found wearing nylon leggings and women's robes, screaming gibberish skyward and creating strange structures out of random knick-knacks, each of which is assigned a name and a level of personal value. He also has his more sane days when he's on his meds and off the meth, where he acts calm and is capable of having a mostly coherent conversation. What's odd, is that he became fascinated with the bible at about the same time that he became a hardcore drug addict and his relationship with the two have always been kind of hand-in-hand. I should note that, regardless of how sane he's acting at the time, he has always been harmless and for the most part friendly, though rarely outwardly.

Before Preston was a professional nutcase, he was a very talented artist. His story is a sad one, and I know few details regarding his fall from grace other than that it involved a break-up that was very difficult on him. For the past 30 or so years, he has lived in a small house out here in Our Town, California - a family owned housing establishment which nowadays resembles a ghost town more than anything. He has not been making art for the last 20 or so years, and likely never will again due to his mental state and a permanently shaky hand. Lately I've been talking with him fairly often, and he's given me a couple of his paintings (The first 2 shown below). He gave me permission to snoop around and photograph his stuff, but there are some great pieces that I was unable to find while I had the camera, so maybe I'll track them down some other time. You'll notice that he tore up a couple of the incredibly detailed ink drawings.

Detail (left)
Detail (right)

Detail (top right)

Detail (left)

Detail (bottom)

Detail (right)

Detail (top)

Detail (right)

Detail (left)

Detail (top right)